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When I feel bored, I can honestly feel my life draining out of me. It's the worst feeling in the world to me and I will do ANYTHING to avoid it.


JAMES BROWN: I FEEL GOOD! (animated video to song by James Brown) Grammar: FEEL + adjective. Ex., feel good (mood, generally), feel well (healthy, not ill), feel hot, feel cold, feel tired, feel bored, feel stupid, feel smart, feel silly.


This is so funny! Next time a bar customer leaves his number on a receipt, this is what he will get next time I feel bored.


Prayer for Growth - Dear Heavenly Father, � Please give me a chance to grow in my workplace. I have been wanting to learn new things, but my boss has limited me. I pray that you will be here to guide me and show me the way. Holy Spirit, please protect me from my evil coworkers and remove my loneliness. I feel bored and tired of my job. I have worked hard, but feel as if I have not gotten anything. It has been unfair as I have a coworker who has taken advantage of me. �…