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from Anxiety Cure

How Altering Your Self-Image Can Change Your Life

I am a retired dreamer who finds it hard to kick the habit. A lover of music, of words, of beauty in simple things. I believe that perfect silence spent together often says more than all the words ever uttered. This is about self expression, and things...


This is how this week is. How accurate! I just...don't care, I can't cry. I don't feel sad, and I don't feel happy. I feel lonely and desperate, and a whole lot of nothing.


I don't really know anymore. I want to be happy, and sometimes I think I am. But then there's this sadness, in the back of my mind. And it comes out late at night, when I'm alone. I think that sadness is always there, and it always will be there, no matter what. But I'm fine, don't worry.