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Maybe not giving up, just taking a little or a long break.... I guess every day is a battle over this question, and the answer is always "not today, you can handle a little more, just hold on"


I really cant anymore..... to much pain... it hurts to much for me to try anymore. Bye lovely followers. Thank you for everything. QUESTO E L'ULTIMO!


This is exactly how I feel right now! These past two weeks have just destroyed me :'( And today has topped that off!


Everything I try to make better i fuck up even worse, I give up. I'm going to be a ghost till I die, I'll try not to help, not to get involved. That's what everyone wants right? No one wants to know me. I should just find a hole, curl up, and die!! All i do is fuck everything up. I'm so sorry if you know me, I'll leave you alone if you want, if you don't know me I only cause pain and I'm not worth your time. I'm sorry for wasting everyone's time


So we're back here, Occasional pen pals? Where do I really stand with you? Where do I fit into your life, in your world? Lines have already been crossed. What happens if you're asked to give up our friendship? I won't be left twice. And I wont settle for something that is not ideal for me. And this is why I mourn you.-DCR