Florence, 1953. Models or, perhaps just two well-dressed women, photographed by Fedele Toscani. I'd LOVE to know what they were pointing at... Source: Toscani Archive.

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Kirsten Shiel www.kirstenshielillustration.tumblr.com www.kirstenshiel.com : : submission : :

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"Whoever goes to the Night Circus must love black because it's only open at night"

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My melanin is on 10 hunty and I love everything about it #Dark-Skin-Women-Winning. #TeamMilkChocolate

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© Chester Higgins - one of the first black women I saw on TV. She ensure blacks were in the next generation/galaxy. Over 80 and gorgeous.

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But did a black man make this? It's beautiful to see this...but we aren't being lied to. It's what I we see often that makes us believe that black men have lost their touch for their own race of women. I didnt want to be a debbie downer in seeing this but we're not letting anyone lie to us. We can see it. Not my words, I'm just a pinner who admired the art and the concept within. I would like to think it's true.

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Dorothy Dandridge/ No offense to anyone who loves Marilyn Monroe, but she has so much beauty how can you ppl not see that?? I swear black women dont get enough credit!!!

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