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I can try to convince you of many things, but loving me will not be one of them. - so true, so me...

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OMGGG!!! THIS IS SO ME RIGHT NOW! :'/ no matter how BAD I wanna just pick up my phone and text you, I dont. I wanna talk to you more than anything right now, but I cant :/ Ive gone a year without speaking to you, I can go a few more days. If you reallllllllllllly wanted to talk to would :'/

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30 Sad Yet Satisfying Breakup Quotes

I'm done trying to make an effort to stay in your life, when you want me, come find me.

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Sometimes failing is just God's way of saying it wasn't meant to be. Trust in him, he'll put something greater in you life

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deja de permitir que te preocupe o moleste, simplemente dejalo ir.... << i have no idea what this says...

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50 Best friendship pictures Quotes

I constantly tried to keep the friendship. Always turned down. I gave up…

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an dont tell me your fucking lonely wen u push everyone who cares away wen i am alone bcause u were my world

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I don't think he will ever know how he ripped my heart out when he tried to move on. I think he moved on a lot more than what he led me to believe. I still feel his guilt about the way he treated her... and others.

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