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50 Vegan Dinner Recipes Part 2

I love the huge selection on this list and I want to try lots of them so I can be healthier.

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40 Simple (& Totally Romantic) Ways To Tell Her You're MADLY In Love

I am just so tired of this. I wanna hold your hand and kiss you when I want to. It is so hard now and imagine in 15 days how hard will be. We don't even have what we have now. Omg, it's gonna be really bad period for me 😢 I.

3 No turning back !! I want to disney love ! When will my prince come !


I had two longings and one was fighting the other. I wanted to be loved and I wanted to be alone. - I finally found someone who the only time in my life helped defeat the desire to be alone which was life changing. Then she made a choice that showed that I meant very little to her and now I think the desire to be loved is now forever deafeted and it has taken a huge toll on my soul.

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A Love that Lasts a Lifetime

I want my love to be one of a kind. I want to wake up every morning next to the person I love, and tell them how lucky I am. I want to walk down the streets holding hands, and have strangers know how much we love each other. I want to be with someone, who sees my worse, but encourages me to be my best. I want to be able to laugh with the person I love, but have a conversation where we share our deepest thoughts. I want a love that’s so special…It lasts a lifetime.

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40 Painful Love Quotes You'll Love To Hear

I love you, but I hate you. I miss you, But I'm better off without you. I want you out of my life, but I never want to let you go.