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Camping tip: gallon milk jug with water and 1/4 cup salt...freeze. Will keep cooler colder than just ice and for longer and not melt everywhere

Cooler Tips - make your own "Polar Bear Tubes" for keeping your cooler cool without drowning items in melting ice. >>> Whoever made these useful DIY items really must love their cooler!

An ice mat? Yea, throw this bad boy in the freezer and top your cooler off with it. Doesn't met and create a wet mess in your cooler! #camping #outdoors

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How to Make PVC Ice Packs for Coolers

When camping, tailgating or going on a picnic, keeping food and drinks chilled is top priority. Instead of using ice, which melts and creates a slushy mess, make your own ice packs using PVC pipe. This is a more efficient method for transport and cleanup: