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Iran | ایران (ایران)

Ancient Ice House, Iran. Photo by Lynn Davis (b.1944) how in the heck did anyone get through that teeny tiny door???!!


8 Ugly Houses That Don't Seem Real, But They Are!: A House that Rocks


Strawberry Gelato

Strawberry Gelato Recipe | from Giuliano Hazan's Hazan Family Favorites cookbook | House & Home


Frost Flowers Blooming in the Arctic Ocean are Found to be Teeming with Life

So crazy this happens!! They are called frost flowers, a strange phenomenon where frost grows from imperfections in the surface ice amid extreme sub-zero temperatures nearing or forming spiky structures that have been found to house microorganisms.


On the Persistence of Form: Lynn Davis Sculptural Photos

Ancient Persian Freezers — The Yakhchals Today in the modern world we take freezers, and the frozen results of freezers for granted. But in ancient times, cold drinks, frozen desserts, and chilled...

Images of Abandoned 'Ice House', Mount Ossa, Greece

Photographer Voreas captured these striking images of an abandoned building completely consumed by snow and ice after climbing Mount Ossa (also known as Kissavos) in the Thessaly region of Greece.