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"Gentle!" Shouted Spirit, glaring at the reckless teenagers on the ice." Don't you know the water can sense you on top? It can break it's skin to skin you any moment." She says, and fixes the crack they made in the ice." Don't worry darling, you're all fixed." She whispers, and wipes the cracks away.


Cryokinesis - Ability to manipulate cold and ice. (Sub-power of Thermal Manipulation; variation of Water Manipulation; opposite of Magma Manipulation)

from Journeying to the Goddess

Goddess Rindr

"What is happening to me," Evolet asked, starting to panic as she looked down into the water below and beheld her eerie complexion. "You are becoming one with the water." "But I don't want to!" "You must. It is not for you to decide. It decides for you." This reminds me of my third novel and protagonist, Freya.


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