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probably w/o the fish "During the reign of Emperor Nero in Rome a persecution had broken out against the Christians living in that city. It caused them to flee to the catacombs to meet in secret and to use code words for things of a Christian nature. This was a secret symbol Christian's used to identify each other then. The letters "I", "X", "O", "Y", and "E" are actually an abbreviation in Greek letters standing for Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior. "


Monograms of Jesus. A monogram is one or more letters put together to form a symbol. Monograms date back to the first century and are among Christianity’s oldest symbols. Monograms that are connected to Jesus Christ (Chi Rho, etc.) are called chrismons. The term chrismon comes from two Latin words Christi Monogramma which mean “monogram of Christ.” Chrismon trees, a tradition started in American churches in the mid-1900’s, is one way in which chrismons can be displayed in a church.

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music notes christian | ... musical eighth note and ancient christian symbol ichthys this//// if I ever got a tattoo this would be it

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Religious and Christian Shapes Set for Photoshop and Elements


Women's Bible Studies by Book of the Bible

Looking for a Bible study on a certain book of the Bible? Look no further! Check out this list of women's Bible studies categorized by book of the Bible.


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Arte cristã primitiva o símbolo era o peixe. Pelo cristianismo ter sido proibido nos 3 primeiros séculos e só permitido em 313 pelo imperador Constantido com intercessão de sua esposa a Santa Helena. Os cristãos até então consideravam A arte grega de estátuas nuas da mitologia pecados pagãos por isso sua arte resumiu-se em sarcófagos de mármores é só depois começaram a esculpir figuras humanas do novo e velho testamento. O peixe em grego é ichthys= iesus christos theou yios soter