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Identify text

Students will be able to identify text structures more easily if they become familiar with signal terms, words and phrases that frequently occur in certain types of texts. Here’s a free chart from the University of Tennessee’s Center for Literacy, Education & Employment that shows common text structures with their signal terms

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This FREEBIE is a great way for students to practice and review text features. This Text Features Hunt can be compatible with any informational text. Students use this hunt to identify text features and their purpose. Can be used whole group, small group, independently, cooperatively, in stations, etc.

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Non-Fiction, Informational Scavenger Hunt for ANY Piece of Informational Text

***Non-Fiction Scavenger Hunt***You are going to love, love, love this product! This non-fiction scavenger hunt can be used for any informational text. The piece asks for your students to find three text features from the list, identify the authors purpose, analyze the title, and find the central idea of the text.*You can have your students work on this individually, pairs, as a group, and you can make it a challenge and competition!

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Reading Response Graphic Organizers for Fiction and Non-Fiction

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Transforming Your Self-Talk

Transforming Your Self-TalkThis comprehensive workbook utilizes engaging text and exercises to help your students tune into their self-talk, identify their inner critic and coach, and learn how to create an inner dialogue that supports and empowers them in all areas of their lives. $

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Teaching Main Idea and Details Through Non-Fiction Text

Teaching main idea and details through non-fiction text with this fun lesson idea! See the visual supports the teacher used and grab the FREE writing craft for identifying main idea and details, too!

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This is a book report template for non-fiction texts. It allows students to identify text features found while reading.

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Talking About Text Structure in the PBL Classroom

Enhance PBL by teaching students how to identify text structure how to and use it within their project-based reading and writing.