tribander: Hey everyone! A coach at our gym and a great friend Matt studied with Ido Portal. Ido is an amazing movement teacher. He’s ha...

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Hanging - a basic movement pattern Spend a total of 7 min a day of accumulated time in various hanging challenges for 30 consecutive days.

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'Depmoved' - a state of movement deprivation We are a Depmoved culture. We suffer. The only way out is education. Move the message around, m...

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Completely agree. One can learn a lot from Ido. He thoroughly understands movement. Not really in alignment with his dietary leaning. Just not my thing. From Michael Joyce, the original pinner: "Starting to seriously follow this guy. As a vegetarian/vegan, I'm not down with his diet choices, however, he IS on the right path - sequencing wonderful movement patterns to keep us strong, limber and healthy. Ido Portal. Follow him on his YouTube Channel. #fitness #movementculture #idoportal

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Ido Portal- Its not yoga. They are games I play with myself. Use it or lose it.

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