"I was homeless. On drugs. Living out of my van." - Idris Elba, age 43, London Sunday Motivation & Inspiration "On Never Forgetting Where You Come From; Be Honest With Yourself" by Idris Elba “I come from Hackney (a suburb of London), not a posh neighborhood, quite the opposite, I was homeless, not ashamed to admit I messed about with drugs. That was me. East Ender. But we made do. I will always identify with where I came from. It made me who I am today.

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series of actor Idris Elba, a middle-aged extremely handsome black man, in promotional pix for his television series Luther; in the final image I have photoshopped in an image of a cake and the words Hey, girl. I got you a cake. I like this | handsome guys picture handsome black man handsome black man | handsome guys picture handsome black actors

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Idris Elba [he's another one who gets exponentially more attractive as he lets age show on his face] [...and for the record, i have a healthy and supportive relationship with my dad LOL]

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