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Idris khan

cinoh: blackmountainmass: … all melted away… [Text: The Glaciers of the Alps, by John Tyndall; Image: Idris Khan]

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Gasworks wonders…

Idris Khan Homage to Bernd Becher Every… Bernd and Hilla Becher Prison Type Gasholder. Idris Khan’s ghostly composite Photograph: Victoria Miro Gallery, London

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Moyenne des typologies de Bernd et Hilla Becher

Idris Khan – Every...Bernd And Hilla Becher Spherical Type Gasholders – 2004 – Técnica: multiexposición – 208 x 160 cm – © Copyrigh

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Idris Khan is a London photographer with an unusual technique of layering multiple images. His work was featured in the March 4th New york Times Magazine.

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Idris Khan

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