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Hitler making the same hand signs as Michelle Obama, JayZ, Beyonce, Rhianna and other celebrities. Yes, that is the sign of the illuminati and there are many in our government, Hollywood, Music Industry and the very wealthy.

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Well Known Pastor Gets 3 Alarming Visits From Gov't Agents With Grave Ramifications! 34:00 pub 1-13-2017

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A few signs of the Rosicrucian Order. Many are similar to those of Freemasonry and other secret societies - Codex Magica - 15

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FLASHBACK: Meryl Streep Gave Rapist Roman Polanski a Standing Ovation 2003 Oscars – TruthFeed 1/9/17

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You might have HIV without knowing it; here are the 3 signs @DrSebi. Imagine that! 2nd Pinter: Wow! They get your patents and make them theirs after you go. R.I.P. Dr. Sebi, thanks for all your help with my bro-in-laws cancer treatment when we had no where else to turn.

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