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from Teachers Pay Teachers

Shades of Meaning Sorting Mats

Need new synonym activities? Grab these shades of meaning mats and illustrated synonym word cards. These activities made a great literacy center for all my 2nd graders and were especially helpful for my ELLs!


“The pot calling the kettle black” means “don’t criticize another person for a fault that you have yourself”. Example: You are accusing me of being lazy? Ha! That’s the pot calling the kettle black! Get our apps for learning English:


Spanish Pedir vs. Preguntar-FREE: The Power Points include the following: TPR Story about a boy who changes his ways because.. It includes: an illustrated story, true / false questions, comprehension questions, Power Point about pedir and preguntar. PPT includes:conjugations, different meanings used in context, practice in which students finish the cloze sentences with “pido” or “pregunto”; questions using, "pedir" & "preguntar". Also: 2 TPR Stories; interactive notebook activities…


“Be in Queer Street” means “to be in a lot of trouble, especially financial”. Example: Peter made a fortune on Wall Street, but by January he was in Queer Street.

“Puppy love” means immature love between young people or children. Example: I think my little son likes your little daughter. Puppy love is so sweet! Get our apps for learning English:


“Let in” means “to ​allow someone to ​enter”. Example: He ​opened the ​door and ​let us in. Get our apps for learning English:


“Pay through the nose” means “to pay too much money for something”. Example: If you bring a car into the city, you have to pay through the nose for parking it. Get our apps for learning English: