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ACC-U-RATE statement. Don't mess with the King of the Jungle. They are very fair and balanced but don't try to screw them. If you do, you'll leave with a bigger bung hole. Big enough to drive a convoy of 18 wheelers through your very enlarged black hole.


Thalia Crawford thaliabree

||Thalia Bree|| "hi!! I'm Rosie and I'm 18 and single! I'm a very quirky person and you'll see why! You can judge if you want but I don't really care. Intro??!?"

If you think the general is gonna brink the nation to the brink of meddling in the middle of a military mess a game of chess where France is queen and kingless!

No Artemis Fowl pinterest board is quite complete without at least one picture of Asa Butterfield. He may be too old for it now, but wouldn't he just have made the PERFECT Artemis Fowl II?