<strong>Tumblr bans users that promote suicide, self-injury, and eating disorders.</strong> But they are all over. One teenage creator explains to BuzzFeed why she runs her site. <i>Warning: graphic images. Many can be triggering. Please use caution.</i>

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"How did I go from being a joyous 6 year old kid who lived life to the fullest, to this...depressed, messed up person who hates this world and everyone in it."

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I always manage to fuck everything up just from being paranoid and insecure. Im a mess.

Avatar: The Last Airbender tumblr.
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I always feel like I come off as clingy. I'm sorry, I just don't like being left alone. My mind wanders to horrible places.

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I understand. My life is such a mess... I can't even bear it. How can I expect anyone else to try?

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