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I'm so proud of both of them. Josh, for facing his anxiety and speaking in front of so many famous people. He is a symbol, one that broadcasts the message that you are you, you can do and should do what you think is right. Tyler, for battling his depression and fighting off his demons. He is an idol to so many, inspiring them to stay alive- not only to survive, but thrive- in their surroundings. They both did things that a few years ago they thought were nearly impossible.


It's incredibly hard for me not to share everything I feel about what's happening.I want to share it all with you, but for my own sanity,I just can't anymore.I mean every word I say,and that's the problem,they are just words floating out on the internet with nothing to anchor them.It's just too much,but it's my fault,I think I might have thought what we have is more than it is.I have to start safeguarding my heart because this absence is killing me, maybe I just feel too much...I don't…


"Sometimes the worst place to be is in my own head ."


Isn’t it funny when people ask me for my opinion they typically can’t take it? Isn’t it sad that when I get emotionally slutty people flee in fear of my inner intensity? How crazy is it that I could go an hour staring away from you and notice every move you make? Isn’t it baffling that all those who've tried to understand me eventually gave up? And isn’t it ironic that every single one of them, and you, will think of me again; over and over again. INFJ refuge


Ditch your privileged smugness and LISTEN TO THE REST OF US WITH EMPATHY. If you can't, then just don't say a word.


"I'm kind of an expert about finding out ugly things about Oliver's past. Actually, I'm kind of the leadind expert" - Felicity Smoak #Arrow


When they won those awards and sang, I cried A LOT. You don't understand how much I cried. I had dried tears on my face and watery eyes for the rest of the day thinking about them.


Yes. - (continued response) my fam wants kinda wants me to marry an Armenian guy, so I guess I'm kinda cutting up that expectation, but my cousin married an AWESOME American girl who, did I mention, is AWESOME, so I don't really know if they'd be disappointed in terms of race. No, you don't seem racist, love! I'm fine with you asking that. Though I have no idea if Armenian is a big "Oh, that's SO different from American" because... Well.. I don't look THAT different from being…


Don’t really know who sent me To raise my voice and say: May the lights in The Land of Plenty Shine on the truth some day. I don’t know why I come here, Knowing as I do, What you really think of me, What I really think of you. For the millions in a prison, That wealth has set apart – For the Christ who has not risen, From the caverns of the heart –