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And this is what....tired of all the fighting...tired of you living the double life..tired of your lies and thinking you know everything and that your always tired of hurting

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This is so true. And when I finally give myself a break from the normal day to day, I never want to go back to the grind. I just want to live my life happily. I want to build a life I don't need to escape from

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Black and White life depressed depression sad lonely pain alone b&w fat dark crying self hate ugly dead anorexia anorexic unhappy sadness darkness useless worthless i hate myself self destruction lonliness disgusting I HATE MY LIFE unwanted no life im tired

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im tired lord quotes | Lord, give me strength...I'm running low lately...

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When I tell people I'm tired they say "go to bed earlier," or something of the sort but I want them to understand that tired isn't just tired.

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There are two types of "tired", I suppose. One is a dire need of sleep, the other is a dire need of peace.

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