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I had the purple one at one was the first apple product i ever owned


Same as iMac G3, iMacquarium fish tank is multiple colors, including blue, aqua, white, smoke, red, flower power and blue dalmation. The maker hasn’t unveiled the price tag. If you want to purchase the unique fish tank, you have to contact with the maker on iMacquarium official site.


"Still capable of being a design icon in your room to play music and DVDs and surf the web :-)" -- SO TRUE!


the iMac G3 was the first model of the iMac line of personal computers made by Apple Inc... Originally released in Bondi blue and later a range of other brightly colored, translucent plastic casings, the iMac shipped with a keyboard and mouse in matching tints...The company announced the iMac on May 6, 1998[1] and began shipping the iMac G3 on August 15, 1998. (I actually didn't care for my Imac G3, unlike today's mac's nothing ran on a mac. I got mine in around '00 for high school)