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Remember the smoking hot fireman calendar by French fashion photographer Fred Goudon? Well, now he's back with an even hotter calendar featuring a bunch of semi-naked French farmers posing with livestock.


Image of Collection of Curiosities. Natural History. 077


ABOUT:A beautiful smoke to share with your lover, this blend is also perfect for elevating the mood among friends. I like to take this pipe tea with me to festivals, parties, camping trips, and spaces where other smoke might not be welcome. The sweet floral notes of rose and lavender combined with spicy damiana and mellow passionflower creates a pleasant aroma anyone can enjoy, while encouraging feelings of affection and closeness.This smoking mixture can be smoked in a pipe, ...


The Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga in flames during the Battle of Midway, June 4, 1942. It is more than likely to be a tricked image of propaganda.


WWI; "Luneville, where a big Zeppelin dirigible dropped a quantity of high explosives in the early hours of Aug 4th (1914), killing 15, injuring a score, and badly damaging the town." -Laird & Lee's world's war glimpses, 1914. -


Survival Smokers: If the situation and time allow, you should preserve the extra meat for later use. In warmer climates, you will need to use a drying or smoking process to preserve it. One night of heavy smoking will make meat edible for about 1 week. Two nights will make it remain edible for 2 to 4 weeks. To prepare meat for drying or smoking, cut it with the grain in one-quater inch strips.


Clark Gable: Actor, "The King of Hollywood", & Pipe Smoker - Tobacco Pipe Smoking If I were a man....I'd dress like that. 24/7 rain or shine. Winter or summer.