Immigration to germany

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Top nation of origin by state 1910 and 2010. Related: An animated map on how America’s source of immigrants has changed over a century (1850-2010)

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Graham Crusade's George Beverly Shea Dead at 104 - US - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -

People with German heritage make up the largest block of immigrant descendants. You have to know German history and territories in order to understand where and why, and when they left. As of 15 October 2013, 277 people have pinned this item, and I am NOT surprised, as German immigration began slowly in the 1630's, then the Palatinate c. 1710, and steadily since, excepting the 2 world wars. German Genealogy Cheat Sheet.

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We'd all do well to remember this as discussion surrounding immigration become heated. Everyone has a story; and everyone has something to say / contribute. We just need to allow them to do so without prejudice or bias. #nohumanisillegal

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Tips and Tricks: Preparing for Your Move Overseas. So you wanna move overseas? A life of travel or immigration to a new land? People talk about it all the time. Very few ever actually do it. Hell, very few ever even try to do it... keep reading: #travel #tips #expat

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Immigration to Germany from other European Union countries hit a new record of over 685,000 people last year, led by Romanians, Poles and Bulgarians, Die Welt daily said Saturday, citing official figures.

Albrecht Durer, a Hungarian immigrant to Germany, from a family of doormakers ("Durer", a chosen name), carved this without ever having seen a rhinocerous.

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School tells girls not to wear short skirts for fear of rape by Muslims and Muslim invaders told Germany to cancel Oktoberfest. In June it was clear the problem was quite grave. via The Local

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"Do you dream of moving to a different country to live the lifestyle of a free solopreneur? If you plan on working from a laptop in coffee shops like I do, here are 8 things I wish I knew, when I decided to quit my job and move to Spain last year…"

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