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Impedance-matching Volume Control

Control your sound system with a volume control that has impedance matching for multiple speakers. The from AudioSource delivers 100 Watts per channel impedance matching and of attenuation.

from The Spinster's Shoppe, LLC

Audiosource Impedance-matching Volume Control

Per Channel Max Impedance Matching Volume Control 39 Db Of Attenuation Selectable Impedance Matching Jumper Settings Rotary Switch Removable Ri

from PAM Distributing Co

Factor VC-6 Speaker Selector Impedance matching 6 Stereo Zones

from The Spinster's Shoppe, LLC

Xantech 100-watt Decor-style Impedance-matching Volume Control

Adjustable Impedance Up To 8 Pairs Of Speakers 11 Steps Of Attenuation Freq Resp: 20 Hz - 20 Khz Includes Quick-connect Speaker Terminals Mounts Minimu


Prowire 100-Watt Outdoor Impedance-Matching Volume Controls with Box, Silver

from The Spinster's Shoppe, LLC

Pro-wire Impedance-matching Volume Controls (almond)

For Full Audio System Adjust Volume Without Leaving The Room Rotary Impedance-matching Auto Former & Impedance Multiplier Smooth

from Guitar Center

Audix T-50K Inline Impedance Matching Transformer

1978 The C-4 preamplifiers characterized by the use of high quality components. The properties are responsible for the Yamaha "Natural Sound" at its time and until today. In addition, I've got it after 35 years of operation, a complete recapping. All condensers / capacitors were replaced by new low-ESR capacitors. The phono section fexible was already at that time a selling reason. Two MM and one MC input with variable sensitivity / impedance matching standard until today. The tone…