Presonus AIR15 2-Way 15 in. Advanced Impulse Response Loudspeaker

Video showing response of fluid to an impulse in micro-gravity. Astronaut Reid Wiseman posted this #SpaceVine from the International Space Station. To find out how these types of observations can help rocket science, read about it at

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Ableton Live Tutorial: Impulse Response and Convolution Reverb Using Max for Live w/ Chris Petti - YouTube

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Lange GMax 7 Ski Boots 28.5 or US 10.5 Impulse Response System Very Good Cond. #Lange

IR 412 MAR-CB V30 Expansion P2P | 14 July 2016 | 164 MB Impulse Response Libraries THE CABINET: The “412 MAR-CB” is based on a 1970's Marshall 1960B

BRAND NEW! AMT Electronics Pangaea CP-100 Impulse Response IR Speaker Cab Simulator

Microphone array used to capture the impulse response of a room. The results were used to create a surround sound convolution reverb that simulates the acoustics of the room. Check out to learn hear an audio demo, and learn how you can measure your own impulse responses.

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Impulse Response Librairies 412 MES-TR P2P | June 06 2016 | 600 MB "412 MES-TR" based on a 2001 Mesa Boogie Traditional slant 4x12 cabinet. "V60" based on

Various PCM, DSD and analog impulse response comparison.

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