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Haven’t drawn Rhys in a long while, and with the announcement of acowar, how could I not draw him again


Here's a new tangle I've been playing with for a little while in private for the last month in my sketchbook, and which made an appearance early October here while I was exploring contour hatching with Joki and Narwal. It's the wild cousin to Ruutz!  I called it "PRASIMA", because it reminds me of something that goes up and forward, almost like a wave.  Make no mistake, it is a high focus tangle! Here is the stepout for you to try: Copyright 2016 Eni Oken


OK we've been wanting to make a Christmas unicorn treat for a while now so here they are... wonderfully cute and festive little unicorn cupcakes! These were inspired by @ladyberrycupcakes! What makes them all Christmas-y? Well... they're in Candyland-esque colours, there's a nice amount of gold on them and they have snowflakes in their colourful manes. What more could you want?

from Career Contessa

Panic! At The Office: 7 Ways to Deal with an Anxiety Attack at Work

If you’ve been in the professional arena even for as little as a few months, chances are you’ve already experienced pressure and even borderline panic while on the job. And if it’s the holiday months, well, the festive season is a breeding ground for stress. Feelings of panic at the office are more common than you might think. What to do when you start to feel panicky at the office on


U2 - In A Little While... Bono plays tribute to Joey Ramone who died of lymphoma at New York-Presbyterian Hospital on April 15, 2001, after a seven-year battle. He was reportedly listening to the song "In a Little While" by U2 when he died. This was during U2's Elevation Tour, and from that point on during shows Bono would introduce the song as a tune that was originally about a lovestruck hangover but that Joey turned it into a gospel song.

from Martha Stewart

Chewy Brownies

What's gooey on the inside, crackly on top, and supremely delicious all over? Our fresh take on this crowd-pleasing dessert. Unsweetened chocolate and brown sugar impart a rich, well-rounded flavor, while adding a bit of oil to the batter results in the addictively chewy texture that makes this version an instant classic.


Let it snow - "Kindergarten artists learned about landscapes while creating these sweet little snowscapes. They also learned a fancy new art word: collage – meaning “to glue” in French!"

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A Daily Study Routine

Struggling with finding time for friends and school while in college? Here's a daily study routine that works for me to make those A's and B's!