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In Contrast

step:1 As it states in the text "although i wanted to think of myself as intellectual"(cofer 438). In contrast to how she thought she was more scrawny than anything else

The other day I was out in my yard and noticed something brilliantly red in contrast to the green grass. I couldn't believe it, a tree wa...

from Etsy

Screen Printed Geometrical pattern in refreshing spring tones ,Hemp Pillow in contrasting colours

from wondertrip 旅行・観光マガジン


Lesser Flamingo Stands on One Leg in Lake Manyara Africa. With striking pink plumage it stands in contrast to the blue of the lake

from Audacious Angel

God’s Will

The way the world teaches is in contrast to the teachings of Jesus, who told us to deny self and take up our cross. 34 And when he had called the people unto him with his disciples also, he said un… it is a incredibly devastating health complement that is especially supposed to burn fats and gives a ripped appearance. It has were given immediately effects in contrast to other fake merchandise. it has been rated 5/5 Stars

from Etsy

Handmade leather shoulder bag made on an innovative clear lines design with details in contrast

Bolso de cuero hecho a mano con un original diseño de líneas marcadas y detalles en contraste / Handmade leather shoulder bag with an original design based on simple lines and details in contrast.