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Magic Arctic Whales Photographs by Audun Rikarsen | Source

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Megalodon sharks lived about 1.5 to 28 million years ago in the Cenozoic Era. People think that the Megalodon is still out there and many think it's still extinct. Out in the ocean it's 2% searched. They saw if Megalodons still exist they live really deep

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plastic island in the pacific | All of this plastic in the ocean is having a devastating effect on ...

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How to Clean Shells you Find on the Beach or in the Ocean

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5 depth zones have been identified in the ocean. Life is most abundant in the uppermost ‘euphotic’ layer, where photosynthesis occurs. The mesopelagic is practically dark, and many creatures hide here during the day. The bathypelagic zone begins at 1,000 metres, where the pressure is nearly 100 times greater than at the surface. Below that lies the abyssopelagic zone,down to the sea floor-except where ocean trenches cut through the sea bed, creating what is called a hadopelagic…

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I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean Free Printables

I'm the biggest thing in the ocean - story book summer on Rainy Day Mum bringing books alive through crafts and activities for kids

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Hawk Nelson - Drops In the Ocean (Official Lyric Video) We don't have to be perfect! Come to the foot of the cross just as you are! We are forgiven more than the drops in the ocean.

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