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Incremental Forming - Workshop @ DADA 2015 During this highly experimental workshop we explored the potential of incremental forming of plastic in an architectural context.


Hi guys! It's been a while form the last time! Now Bluebell outfit is here!! Hope you like it! ^_^ STARTING BID: 15 USD MINIMUM INCREMENT: 1 USD AUTOBUY: 30 USD OWNER: Auction will end on 16/08/201...


The 1st Cavalry Division arrives in Vietnam. It will be the only US combat divisions to arrive in a single increment and will become the most famous US formation of the War. Formed at Fort Benning, the division lands at Qui Nonh in II CTZ and establishes it's basecamp at An Khe with mission to protect the strategic region of the Central Highlands


Hi guys! Something different form usual ^_^ I tried a more casual\fantasy outfit instead of gown outfit! Hope you like it! STARTING BID: 15 USD MINIMUM INCREMENT: 1 USD AUTOBUY: 30 USD OWNER: Aucti...


Incremental Sheet Metal Forming in Architecture Building on previous and current work, this research utilizes Single Point Incremental Forming (SPIF) and Dual-Sided Incremental Forming (DSIF) to produce mass customized, double-curved (both...

Beautifully crafted by artisans from Tokushima, these wooden stationary boxes magnetically connect. Designed in shapes of 30-degree increments – an equilateral triangle, a square and rhombus – the boxes freely come together to create geometric forms that act as pen stands, trays, or anything you need them to be.


This #typetuesday sharing some more #Frutiger from his complete works book. This Overlay illustrates how the different weights within a type family need optical correction to each archetypal character and that a single letter is rarely based on one schematic principle the angles shift with each increment and the stroke variation is exaggerated in certain waits. Adrian Frutiger was a true master of typographic form!