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Index Finger - Rub Your Index Finger And See What Will Happen

Reflexology claims that every point on our body is connected with our hands. Rub Your Index Finger And See What Will Happen To Your Body! (scheduled via


1. Rub your thumb and pull it upwards Thumb is connected to heart and lungs. When rapid heartbeat, or when you will stay breathless, what you need to do is to massage your thumb and to pull it up. 2. “Index finger massaging” against...


PLL Finale - THE GIRLS GOT MATCHING TATTOOS ON THEIR INDEX FINGERS WITH THEIR CHARACTERS’ FIRST INITIAL - sashapieterse27: Such a special moment. Love you guys janelparrish: #sisterhood. PLL immortalized. I love you girls. Thank you@shamrocksocialclub


Kalesvara Mudra calms the mind. It's powerful & can change character traits & eliminate addictive behavior. The middle fingers of both hands should touch at the tips. The first two joints of the index finger & thumbs should touch. The little finger & the ring finger should be bent inwards. The thumbs should be pointed towards the chest & the elbows spread out on the outside. Inhale & exhale slowly about 10 times. Observe the breath & lengthen the pauses slowly after both inhalation…


Jnana mudra: the gesture of wisdom. By placing the index finger and the thumb gently to touch creates a loop of prana, a space to focus and a calm mind.


Get Smart in 30 Seconds When you need on-the-spot smarts, put your index finger on the Renzhong (the acupressure point in the middle of your philtrum, which is the spot between your nose and upper lip). Press in for 30 seconds. Experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine suggest using this technique to increase alertness, clarity and focus. They believe that putting pressure on this point accesses nerves which carry signals to the brain.