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Index Finger - Rub Your Index Finger And See What Will Happen

Reflexology claims that every point on our body is connected with our hands. Rub Your Index Finger And See What Will Happen To Your Body! (scheduled via


Yep...this is what the left index finger of a handquilter looks like. This is not my finger...but mine looks just like it!


Kalesvara Mudra calms the mind. It's powerful & can change character traits & eliminate addictive behavior. The middle fingers of both hands should touch at the tips. The first two joints of the index finger & thumbs should touch. The little finger & the ring finger should be bent inwards. The thumbs should be pointed towards the chest & the elbows spread out on the outside. Inhale & exhale slowly about 10 times. Observe the breath & lengthen the pauses slowly after both inhalation…


Soul Imagez Tattoo Studio - San Jose, CA, United States. Mom and daughter tattoo. Simple arrow on our index fingers.


Yoga and Alternative Medicine

Jnana mudra: the gesture of wisdom. By placing the index finger and the thumb gently to touch creates a loop of prana, a space to focus and a calm mind.


TRIGGER FINGER EXERCISES: STEP 2: Finger Abduction 2 This routine works similarly to the abduction exercise where blood circulation is enhanced and the smaller ligaments are strengthened. Separate the injured finger as far away from the closest normal finger. Allow the two fingers to form a V position. Have the index finger and thumb of your other hand push the two fingers against the other fingers. Then press slightly the two fingers bringing them closer together.


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Pineal Gland. How to work this reflexology point: Using your index finger between your fist and second knuckle. Press in and down on the little ledge (nose) on the medial side of the big toe, just above the bump and even with the base of the nail.