Cherokee Indian Tribe | Cherokee Indian Tribes in Alabama ...

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Blackfoot Indian Tribe History |

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the name "Arizona" is a Uto-Aztecan Indian word. It means "little spring" in the Tohono O'odham language. The O'odham are not the only native people of this region. Today, There are twenty-one federally recognized Indian tribes in Arizona

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Map of TN tribes in the past - The word "Tennessee" comes from the Cherokee Indian word "Tanasi", which was the name of a major Cherokee town in southeastern TN. There are no federally recognized Indian tribes in TN today. Most Native Americans were forced to leave TN during the Indian Removals of the 1800's. These tribes are not extinct, but except for the descendants of TN Indians who escaped from Removal, they do not live in TN anymore. They were moved to Indian reservations in OK…

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