The New Children: Going into Depth on Indigo Children, Crystals, Rainbows, Starseeds & beyond. - The Awakened State. Are you an Indigo or Crystal? Click to read more.

What is an Indigo Child? me as Indigo, I can't take it anymore. I'll just pack my things and live on the street on my way to find answer. no more suffer. no more suffer.

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Indigo Children

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Waking up to this new hidden world can be challenging especially as an Indigo or starchild, the way to understand ourselves has to start by entering New Territory. This is why when we are on the cusp of awakening it can feel like our world is starting to turn upside down because well it technically is… #indigochildren

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There is a wide array of Indigo Children Abilities that one can posses. Though much information exists the only true understanding you can have is your relationship to your own inner awareness of your Indigo Children Abilities. Its commonly said that The Indigo Children and Indigo Adults are psychic in nature. You may ask yourself Am I psychic? Am I an Indigo or a crystal child? Go deep and ask within...

Parents that are not awakened will try to mold the indigo to be socially like the rest of children.

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