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10 Fun Balloon Science Activities for Kids

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10 Brain-Boosting, Body-Moving Indoor Activities for Kids


Totally doing this during the winter. Stained glass window with press-n-seal and tissue paper. @ Cottonpopsock

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Activities Kids Can Do on a Rainy Day

Rainy Day Activities 1) Put on a treasure hunt; 2) put on a show; 3) bring outdoor games in (e.g., balloon volleyball); 4) work out to exercise videos; 5) make a sand-free sandbox with rice or oatmeal; 6) have the kids teach your dog some new tricks; 7) build forts out of sofa cushions; 8) get crafty; 9) play board games; 10) take a field trip; 11) go outside and get wet!

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The Best Inside Activities for Entertaining High Energy Kids

This is the BEST LIST OF INDOOR ACTIVITIES I've seen. Saving for the winter months and when we're stuck inside with the kids and need new ideas so they don't tear apart the house. SAVE.

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Circus Games for Kids: Ring Toss