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Indoor Dryer Vent Kit $15. Mine is connected to an exterior vent but this seems like a great way to get your money out of using your electric dryer in the winter since venting it INSIDE means you get to keep the heat it creates (plus its "wet" heat). Double smart. I would totally switch the vent twice a year for that!


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This is interesting!!- Indoor Dryer Vent - Luv this! It helps keep the basement toasty warm and the house smelling laundry fresh! Plus my clothes dry in only one cycle now, so the electric bill will be much better during the winter mos.


This little gadget is AMAZING! hook it up to your dryer in the winter and, instead of wasting energy and pushing warm air outside, use the heat from the dryer to heat your home!!

from ADR Products

BetterVent Indoor Dryer Vent

No more water required to vent indoors! By using the BetterVent Indoor Venting System, you will have ease of use and cleaner air. Enjoy the benefits of venting


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Vent your electric dryer indoors during the winter to save on electricity (no cold outside air entering dryer to replace the vented air), and gas (heat is released into the house). WARNING: Electric dryers in dry climates only! (The steam released into the air is great in Utah, but will foster mold in more humid places.)