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Trisha Cleveland who’s working in conjunction with Quirky to make this inside slide a real product you can buy. The slide is made from a series of set of folding mats that convert staircases into impromptu indoor slides.

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20 Cool and Fun Indoor Slides

20 Cool and Fun Indoor Slides,my house will have an indoor slide. im so getting this for my house

Stairs Are Tiring, Get A Slide

Yes! An indoor slide to get downstairs, talk about a great idea! The grandchildren will be entertained for hours. How would it look in your house? @Hello_Portal #stairslide #weeeeee

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Add an Element of Fun with Indoor Slides

Indoor fun!....thinking of ideas for the kids playroom....since we can't have a playground outside

20 Cool and Fun Indoor Slides

Sometimes stairs can be very boring. That is why some creative people decide to make indoor slides. Indoor slides are very fun and exciting. Although slide

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Slides in Houses: The Top 5 Coolest Indoor Slides!

This three-story slide by Tokyo-based LEVEL Architects wraps around the entire interior of the home! credit: LEVEL Architects []

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Indoor Oak cool and it looks nice too! If we ever have a home with stairs, I will so make my husband build

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