Get more from your new hires with KSL Training's Staff Induction Checklist which covers everything from pre-employment administration tasks to forming an effective induction programme for the employee.

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Prof. Dr. Mukund Sarda, Dean & Principal felicitating Adv. Vibha Mane, Career Consultant at Induction programme for fresher.


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Staff Mediation - We have substantial experience in this area and possess the skill and patience to carry out the 5 key steps required to facilitate a successful mediation process (preparation, introduction, hearing the issues. problem solving and building & writing the agreement).

My Experiences of Extensive Three Days Induction Programme at GLBIMRIt gives me a sense of pride and honour to share that I have become a member of GLBIMR family. Today I feel elated & excited to get this wonderful platform to share my experiences regarding the past three days in this prestigious institute. First of all I would like to say that it would have been impossible for me to stand here and utter a single word until and unless I had attended the Induction Programme.

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