Pinterest • The world’s catalog of ideas ~ Hemp Uses Chart... just a few more underrecognized uses for this amazing plant!

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Tips for Using Emergency Generators

Buy a Standby Generator if You Can Afford It - 16 Tips for Using Emergency Generators:

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GE's JEFFREY IMMELT, the head of OBAMA'S 'JOBS COUNCIL', is moving JOBS and economic INFRASTRUCTURE to CHINA at a BLISTERING pace. click to read

The For-Profit Prison Boom In One Worrying Infographic

People profit from incarcerating their fellow humans? Who is profiting? And what races and nationalities are being imprisoned at the highest percentages? What is wrong with this picture?

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Factors To Consider When Selecting Industrial Generators For A Construction Jobsite

2.5Kw Petrol Generator | Industrial Generator | Loncin EN2500

Blue Max 8000 Watt Industrial Generator | Mutton Power Equipment This Blue Max 8000 watt Industrial Generator will help you meet allof your backup power needs. This generator provides quick and reliable powerwith a large fuel tank and a long running time. - 13 hp Air-cooled Engine - Noise Level: 74.5 dB - Fuel Capacity: 5.6 gallons - EPA Approved - Recoil starting system - Electric start