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Industrial Rain Chains

{porch curtains #howto} made with rust-resistant chain-link fencing hardware and canvas painter's drop cloths! #diy #myo

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Save Water in Your Garden

Save Water in Your Garden. One of the most surprising things about a rain barrel is how quickly it fills, even in the lightest of rains. And the water you collect is free of city-water chemicals. Connect the rain barrel to your downspout or use a pretty rain chain to guide the water.

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Housing Industry

Sometimes the best way to work with water is to imply its presence, even when it’s not actually there. Rain chains are a great example. In the image above, the visual tension between the gutter and the bowl below is cemented by the ornate rain chain. Click on pin for Pinterest tips for the housing industry.

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How To Install A Rain Chain

How To Install A Rain Chain - Here is the finished project. What do you think? We had to wait 2 weeks for Mother Nature to bring us rain but when she did it was a spectacular site watching the water fall over each little copper bucket and provide a beautiful natural sound. This is one of our favorite projects so far. If you decide to install a rain chain at your home, I am sure you will enjoy the aesthetic look of a rain chain much better than an aluminum downspout.


CHIC This collection is about finding beauty in aged, ulitarian design. Worn textures and industrial metal style have found there way into today's design choices. The enormous wood warehouse clock looks like it kept working hours for generations. The black metal hanging baskets have the vintage industrial vibe along with the rain chain storage boxes. We even blended the industrial style with some added bling in our metal pendant light with crystals.


Here's a novel way to store writing tools, hang plants, and keep letters and memos. These iron Rain Chain Storage Boxes are rustic, hard-wearing, and unique. Find the Rain Chain Storage Boxes, as seen in the Industrial Chic Collection at


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