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Thermal Burns Fire: obtain CO levels Industrial fire: suspect CN toxicity Superficial: similar to sunburn Superficial partial: red, painful, blisters Deep partial: white, leathery, painless Full-thickness: charred, insensate Rule of 9s Parkland formula: 4 mL/kg × % total BSA burned (pediatrics give 3 mL/kg); 50% given in first 8 hours, remainder over 16 hours Target urine output: 0.5-1 mL/kg/h in adults; 1-2 mL/kg/h in children Consider escharotomy for circumferential and full-thickness…


Heerlen, NETHERLANDS: This picture taken 12 July 2006 shows urinals shaped like a woman's mouth at The McDonalds in Heerlen. McDonalds is going to remove its urinals after complaints by a tourist, declared the owner, Giel Pijpers, 12 July 2006. In his opinion it is art, but in America there are different opinions. The urinals will be sold. 'I'm not going to be pissed off about a couple of urinals' , he declared on Wednesday. AFP PHOTO/ANP PHOTO MARCEL VAN HOORN (Photo credit should read…


Four teenage girls from Lagos created a generator that runs off urine to create electricity. Thanks to Facebook community member Jemuel Hamilton for sharing this story with us!