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Infected Insect Bite

Herbal oil stands as the Best fungal nail treatment as the healing process is gradual and has a dramatic and immediate effect on your age spots, athlete feet and on your nail fungus.


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How to Make Four Thieves Vinegar

Four Thieves Vinegar Recipe using fresh herbs. Can be used as a surface disinfectant, a hair rinse, a skin cleanser, to treat insect bites, as a hand-sanitizer, just to name a few. While the ingredients are very effective, it is gentle enough to use on pets and kids, just dilute it one part Four Thieves to three parts purified water.


Natural Homemade Black Drawing Salve Recipe

DIY Black Drawing Salve Recipe - Natural Home Remedy for Poisons, Boils, Acne, Insect Bites, Bee Stings, Splinters and Infections


Salvia, the Latin name for sage, means ‘to heal’. Internally, the sage is used for : indigestion flatulence liver complaints excessive lactation excessive perspiration excessive salivation anxiety depression female sterility menopausal problems On the other hand, it is used externally for : insect bites skin infections throat infections mouth infections gum infections skin infections


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Plantain herb astringent recipe: Fill the jar ¾ of the way with fresh washed plantain leaves or ½ way if your plantain is dry. Fill the jar the rest of the way with apple cider vinegar. Screw on the lid and store in a dry, dark place for about six weeks. Use for anything that needs drawing, insect bites, infections, acne, even poison ivy. You can use it to relieve pain, inflammation, rashes and burns.