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Is My New Tattoo Infected? What Should I Do about it?

Is My New Tattoo Infected? What Should I Do about it? Infected tattoo

from Elle's ArtCraft

Octopus Dreamcatcher

dream catcher + Octopus // "An octopus can lose an arm without harm and regrow it. By biting it off, the octopus loses the infected arm and hopefully a healthy one regrows, but in captive situations, probably caused by bad water quality, the infection can't be shaken off. The stressed, infected octopus dies with its arms in tatters"


Tattoos need appropriate treatment, both in the immediate days after getting it and over the long haul. Failure to do so can create complications; in a best-case scenario, lack of care can lead to dry, damaged skin that affects a tattoo’s appearance while in a worst-case scenario, neglecting immediate aftercare can create an infection around the tattooed area.


How to treat an infected tattoo and tattoo ink allergy?

Infected #tattoo can be a nuisance. Here is a detailed guide on how to deal with tattoo infection and ink allergy and answers to some most common FAQs related to tattoos.