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14 Hidden Gems In Denver Most People Don't Know Even Exist

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Infinite-Monkey-Theorem – Wikipedia

6 Picnic Essentials

From a Denver-based winery that breaks all of the rules (like growing grapes in Colorado!), this crisp, berry-forward rose comes conveniently packaged in cans but, happily, lacks any metallic flavor. It’s ideal for picnics because no glasses—or corkscrew—are required.

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Wine's answer to Denver's many taprooms

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9 awesome ways to spend a free day in Denver

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The Infinite Monkey Theorem-- winery on Larimer Street in Denver-- open 2-10 on Saturday Known for their syrrah

Infinite Monkey Theorem - Urban Winery. Winery in Denver and they sell this at Larkburger in the Springs! I LOVE Larkburger!

Or A Wine Tap House An urban winery that’s Denver’s answer to the many beer tap houses, Infinite Monkey Theorem provides barrel tastings, tours, and food trucks. But, really, go here because where else can you see a cannery operation where they, obviously, can wine, which is like box wine’s cool, rustic cousin.

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