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Inflection Point

Yakov Hanansen "Inflection Point" 2006 30 x 108 in. Triptych White and off-white porcelain.


In this dark moment in history, our nation has reached an inflection point–a moment when, together, Americans render their collective condemnation of a commander-in-chief who works aggressively against American interests and national security.


Neo4j CEO: We’re at ‘a huge inflection point for graph databases’:: Interview Emil Eifrem, CEO and co-founder of Neo Technology, says the world is at “a huge inflection point for graph databases” as his company, which supports the open source Neo4j graph database management system, releases v3.0 of the software. Ahead of releasing an architecturally overhaule ..

Why audience segments are the new currency in mobile advertising:: In the age of datadriven digital and mobile marketing, where mobile ad spend is forecast to account for 72 percent of United States digital ad spend by 2019, we are at a critical inflection point of changing the mobile advertising currency from impressions to audience segments. The shift from d ..


Concorde and the Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet. Concorde and the original Jumbo Jet, 747-100 represents the inflection point in commercial aviation where increasing speed could no longer be packaged with increasing capacity and increasing efficiency. Both of these airplanes have had enormously profound cultural impact across the globe far ahead of their technical sophistication, ushering in unprecedented speed and mass transportation and global trade. Timelessly graceful airliners..