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Do you have a #cold or the #flu? Use this guide to help you decide. #infographic
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Is It a Cold or the Flu? Know Your F.A.C.T.S. (Infographic

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Why do doctors keep this simple recipe away from the public? Here’s how to get rid of bunions completely natural!

Bunions are salt deposits, but angina, influenza, gout, bad metabolism, rheumatic infections, poor diet and long wearing uncomfortable shoes also contribute to their formation.


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Got a cold or the flu

Old Man Winter is knocking on the door, and the influenza virus is lurking behind. If you have already had a bout of the flu, it’s not likely to be one of your fond memories. That’s because flu symptoms tend to be more severe than those of the common cold. Yet, we often say that we have a cold when, in fact, we have the flu.


T-705 (favipiravir) is an antiviral molecule that is being developed for the treatment of influenza virus infections but that exerts also activity against a number of unrelated RNA viruses, including bunyaviruses, arenaviruses and flaviviruses. It is converted to its active form T-705 ribofuranosyl 5’-tri-phosphate by cellular enzymes, and this metabolite inhibits the influenza polymerase without affecting the synthesis of cellular RNA and DNA.


Diferencias entre un simple resfriado e influenza...La gripe o influenza es una enfermedad infecciosa de aves y mamíferos causada por un tipo de virus de ARN de la familia de los Orthomyxoviridae. Las palabras gripe y gripa proceden de la francesa grippe (procedente del suizo-alemán grupi) (acurrucarse), mientras que influenza procede del italiano.Los virus de la gripe resisten más en ambiente seco y frío. Puede ser fácilmente inactivado mediante detergentes o desinfectantes

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Make It Through Sick Season by Supporting Your Immune System

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12 Best Foods For Your Abs!

Lemon is one of natures most versatile fruits, and because of its high vitamin C content, antibacterial and astringent properties, lemon is the de facto garnish in herbal teas. Lemon is used in herbal medicine to help build immunity against colds, influenza, and other viral infections. In her classic work, Grieve tells us lemon is a good astringent to...