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Chroma by Natalie Welsh. In 1977, Carl Sagan and his team sent out a record of our civilisation, at that time, on the the two Voyager spacecraft. Those two spacecraft contained greetings, music and images as a mark of the things that mankind had achieved till that point. The two Voyager spacecraft explored our Solar System, sending back new, vital information about Jupiter and Pluto.

15 Ongoing Space Missions You Should Know About

NASA launched Juno in 2011 as part of its New Frontiers program. Its mission: to fly to Jupiter and figure out how the planet was formed, what it’s made of, and how its formation affected that of the Solar System. (Actually, any information about Jupiter would be nice. The whole planet is a great big mystery.) The real story begins 4.6 billion years ago, when a giant nebula suffered a gravitational collapse. The resulting bedlam coalesced to form the Solar System. Jupiter is key to…

Some of my videos of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter through my telescope, and the images that I process from them. If you want to see one of the worlds best planetary imagers in action, look for Damian Peach on YouTube ( or elsewhere on the web! His images are legendary!


Ocean on Jupiter's Moon Europa Likely Deep Underground