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Planets of the Solar System Task Cards Science Center Games & Activities SCOOT

Science Task Cards Planets - Here is a set of 50 task cards for your students to discover information about our planets.


FREE Planets Book to teach kids about our solar system. Print in color or black and white with handy information about each of the planets. Perfect for homeschool, science projects, astronomy, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and more


Solar System Scavenger Hunt from Devoted to Vocabulary Dev on (12 pages) - This scavenger hunt introduces students to information and fun facts about the Solar System.


Solar System Scavenger Hunt

This Solar System Scavenger Hunt is a great way for students to learn interesting facts about our Solar System, while getting them up and out of their seats to look for cards throughout the room. Each card contains detailed information and the corresponding questions page allows students to record information found on the scavenger hunt fact cards. There is also a page with the Sun and the eight planets with a word bank for students to name the planets in the correct order.


Solar System Interactive Digital Notebook contains 33 slides for use with Google Slides. Covers most concepts about the Earth, Moon, Planets and Constellations. Slides are paired with ELA CCSS. Includes slide with 20 HYPERLINKS for research and information gathering. Come check it out in my store!


Cassini probe captures Saturn's spectacular aurora. Generally, images of the aurora (equivalent to Earth's‘northern lights’) provide valuable information about the electromagnetic connection between the solar wind, the planet’s magnetic field (magnetosphere) and its upper atmosphere. The Daily Galaxy via Cassini/NASA.