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Can Push-Ups Strengthen the Rotator Cuff?

Yoga Exercises for Impingement Shoulder & Rotator Cuff

Did you know that trigger points in the infraspinatus muscle can refer pain into the front of the shoulder and down the arm? What does this mean? It means that if the muscle gets chronically tight, you may feel pain on the front. So you could rub the front of your shoulder all day long, and it wouldn't help the problem at all. Trigger points and referral patterns are tricky and useful to know.

Inverted row. Main muscles worked: Latissimus Dorsi, Middle and Lower Trapezii, Rhomboids, Teres Major, Teres Minor, Infraspinatus, Posterior Deltoid, Pectoralis Major, Brachialis, and Brachioradialis. Also known as the fat man pull-up, the body row, and the supine row.

Supraspinatus is one of the key muscles involved in shoulder problems, partly because of its anatomical position and partly because of the degenerative changes in the tendon caused by both overload and ‘under load’ (a modern issue). It is part of the rotator cuff continuum, which comprises of supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis.