You can do it! ACL injuries don't have to be the end of a healthy life! Keep going! You'll get there!

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And what might seem to be a series of unfortunate events may, in fact, be the first steps of a journey. #redbandsociety WED | SEPT 17 | FOX

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There is no sickness, disease, diagnosis, injury, or pain that God cannot heal. Never give up praying for healing because our Jesus is better than any doctor this world has to offer and sometimes a miracle and a healing is just one prayer away.

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Stay motivated during knee replacement recovery. It will not be easy, but worth the effort!

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Your feet are responsible for much of your mobility, so when they become painful, as can happen with flat feet, your quality of life can suffer. Flat feet, or fallen arches, is a condition where the arch of the foot has collapsed. Injuries, prolonged stress to the foot or the normal aging process are usually the cause of fallen arches in adults....

The best reward is the soreness & fatigue that comes only when you've pushed past your comfort zone.

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Overcoming Injury- This quote shows that nothing is easy and things will be in your way. This quote means to me that nothing is easy and will take time when I'm injured.

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