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Teaching “The Odyssey” at San Quentin

Teaching “The Odyssey” at San Quentin--Wow. I have to share this when we cover it at school.


Why? Prisons now are "private owned" and are on the stock market. (Translation: money) It is the "new plantation". And you thought you were free?


Inmateaid provide information about current, and sometimes past, inmate status. Most states have a Department of Corrections that maintains inmate databases and these are often searchable statewide online by inmate name. Vinelink, a victim notification service, also provides online inmate information in many states

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The Most Racially Intolerant Place In The Country Is Not Where You Think It Is

More white people are doing more crimes, yet there are ten times more black inmates than whites. Racial profiling or coincidence?


Elizabeth Warren has been in the Senate less than a year but she’s already seen enough to call for an end to the GOP’s ability to filibuster President Obama’s nominees. She took Republicans to task on Wednesday for blocking three nominees this year to the key D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, calling it the next step in the GOP’s plan to “paralyze the government again” after a 16 day government shutdown. #GOP #TEABAGGERS #VOTETHEBUMSOUT #CORRUPTCONGRESS

Last meals from prisoners
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Last meals from prisoners

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