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Inorganic Paint Pigments The latest in the Colourful Chemistry series looks at the inorganic compounds that give many paints their colours. This shows a limited selection of the most common compounds, and there are many others


This is a great chemistry "cheat" sheet. I give these out to students at the beginning of the year and they can use them on every test. It includes the following information: Periodic Table; Common Oxidation States; Electron Placement Diagram; Location of Outer Electrons; Common Prefixes; Diatomic Elements; Definitions of 1 Mole; Solubility Chart; Solubility Rules; Rules for Significant Digits; Flowchart for Naming Inorganic Compounds; Steps to Dimensional Analysis; Metric Conversion…

With summer more or less here (stifle those sniggers, English readers), it seemed as good a time as any to examine the chemicals in sunscreen. It’s a product that many of us may take for gran…


Today's post is an excerpt from the Compound Interest book, "Why Does Asparagus Make Your Wee Smell? & 57 Other Curious Food & Drink Questions". The book is now available to purchase, both ...


Animal cells down, Plant cells here I come! If anyone wants to know how i make these or have any other questions about them, just ask :)

The Chemistry of Highlighter Colours I love highlighting my notes so much and I've always wondered what they included well here we are ...


¡Qué curioso!, la tinta roja tiene eosina, un colorante que se usa para teñir tejidos. 09337-scitech3-compound-690