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The monster inside me by kawacy, werewolf fan art, anime manga, wolf, digital painting, illustration, inspirational art

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Interior * MInimalism by LEUCHTEND GRAU

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How to Let Go of A Dream (and why I’m not starting a magazine

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On the outside I seem like a happy go lucky person who has their shit together. On the inside I am breaking down and battling years of hidden depression and just making it all up as I go.

Anime Quotes || Those eyes reminds me of Tokyo Ghoul

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in Unternehmen und Projekten komme ich nicht an der Transaktionsanalyse vorbei, um Entscheider, Manager und Mitarbeiter von Veränderungen zu überzeugen.

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10 Reasons Science Says You Should Spend More Time With Your Dog

This made me laugh so hard! My dog's name is also "no" when she's trying to come inside as we are leaving...Until she runs away!! Yea, we need to call her by her name more often. lol

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